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Giorgio Armani

The Story of Timeless Elegance

The world’s best known and respected designer for men, Giorgio Armani, is exclusively represented by Mr. Ooley’s. The genius of Armani’s design is found in his garment’s fluid lines, athletic cut and dynamic masculinity. The Armani suit gently emphasis the shoulder line while trimming the waist and elongating the body. Consistently, for almost 40 years, Armani’s distinctive style has been clean, uncontrived, and elegant, distinguished by an uncomplicated and refined ease – The Armani Look.

Giorgio Armani Men's Suits

The Elegance of the Everyday

Giorgio Armani speaks eloquently to modern design. A refined elegance formed of rich fabrics and detail. Armani suits, with their almost palpable allure are adapted for every silhouette and every style, redefining the contemporary man’s everyday wardrobe. A definitive name in Italian style, Giorgio Armani, keeping classic staples of menswear present, while opting for fabrics and techniques primed with newness.

Giorgio Armani Wall Street Suit


Full canvassed jacket with a bombé shape, shaped inner placket, topstitching and sartorial detailing.
Matching inner piping, striped sleeve lining.
“Drop 6” fit.
Straight rope shoulder.
Length: 75 cm / 30 in.
Side vents.
Jetted pockets and breast pocket.

Available in: single-breasted two-button style with notched lapels.
Formal jacket version also available.

Classic flat front trousers.
Featuring a slightly elastic sanforised belt for a more comfortable waistline.
Slash pockets to the front; jetted pockets with button at the back.
Leg cuff width 22 cm / 9 in.

Giorgio Armani Soho Suit


Half canvassed jacket with lightweight interior.
Soft fit.
Straight shoulder with light padding.
Jacket length 73.5 cm / 29 in.
Side vents.
Jetted pockets and breast pocket.

Available in: single-breasted two-button style with notched or peaked lapels; matching waistcoat also available.
Formal jacket version also available.

Classic flat front trousers without a pressed crease.
Slash pockets to the front; jetted pockets with button at the back.
Leg cuff width 19 cm / 7.5 in.

Giorgio Armani Upton Jacket

UPTON Jacket

Deconstructed jacket.
Regular fit.
Natural and lightweight shoulders.
Notched lapels.
Jacket length: 71 cm.
No rear vents.

Available styles:
single-breasted with notched lapels.
double-breasted with notched lapels.

Giorgio Armani Soft Jacket

SOFT Jacket

Jacket with a soft construction.
Regular fit.
Natural and lightweight shoulders.
Peaked or notched lapels.
Jacket length: 74 cm.
Side vents.

Available styles:
single-breasted with peaked lapels.
single-breasted with notched lapels.

Giorgio Armani Men's Handmade Suit

Giorgio Armani Design

This flattering, form fitting look does not come at the expense of comfort. Armani’s exclusive stretch fabrics, soft construction, and special armhole cut combine to produce a tailored suit as comfortable as casual wear! No wonder Giorgio Armani is the designer of choice for celebrities, athletes and well-dressed men around the globe.

Matt Damon, Actor
The Armani tuxedo has long been the epitome of taste, class and success. After winning an Oscar while wearing mine, I can now say Armani also signifies luck and good fortune. I am totally devoted.

John Travolta, Actor
When I first met Giorgio Armani in 1979, he made me the best-dressed American there was. Today, he’s made everybody around the world the best-dressed person they can be, and we all love him for it.

Samuel L. Jackson, Actor
Wearing Armani gives me a remarkable feeling of confidence and cool. Armani is a true innovator and genius of design because he allows self-expression and individuality in dressing – yet always at a level of world-class taste.

Giorgio Armani Custom Clothing Made by Hand

Giorgio Armani Made to Measure

With Made to Measure anyone can create and personalize their own suit, bringing together tradition and innovation, the symbols of modern tailoring.

A passion for excellence and attention to detail drove Giorgio Armani, the master of timeless elegance, to launch a service providing clients with an exclusive tailoring experience. Italian decadence drenched in textured splendor and layered extravagance. Equal parts natural and free-spirited, make an Armani garment a profession of his design and personal mantra.


Creating your own Made to Measure suit means knowing how to choose the most suitable fit from a diverse combination of lapels, buttons and pockets. Whether for day or evening wear, every garment is made with the utmost comfort and elegance that have always set Giorgio Armani suits apart.


Made to Measure shirt must meet precise criteria of elegance. Starting with the different types of collars, from the button-down to the mandarin, through cuffs and buttons, Mr. Ooley’s assists in the selection of every detail, helping create a shirt suitable for every occasion.

Jacket Lapel Stitching

Enhancing a suit’s elegance and quality. The result of hand-stitching, sewn with lustrous silk thread on the edges of the lapels, sleeves and pockets using painstaking care and attention.

‘Barchetta Chest’ Pocket

Made with the utmost attention to detail by our expert tailors, the ‘Barchetta’ chest pocket with its concave pocket welt adds a further distinctive touch.

Open Buttonholes

Considered a mark of excellence in a quality suit, the cuff buttonholes are stitched with the utmost care and effort, to make your suit unique.


Quality dressing. The uniqueness of a Made to Measure suit lies in the personalization: touching the fabrics, deciding on the lining and type of buttons, choosing the shape of the lapels, the shirt collar, even opting for an embroidered name label. From the first moment to the final detail, the Made to Measure service offers you all of the advantages of a customized tailored garment – made and designed exclusively to fit you.

Giorgio Armani Sportswear at Mr. Ooley's

Giorgio Armani Olive Zip Field Jacket.
Giorgio Armani Black V-Neck Knit.

Giorgio Armani Sportswear

Giorgio Armani Black and Teal, Wool Plaid Sport Coat.

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